MassMutual Law Division’s Pro Bono Program

“Equal justice under law is not merely a caption on the facade of the Supreme Court building; it is perhaps the most inspiring ideal of our society… it is fundamental that justice should be the same, in substance and availability, without regard to economic status.”

—Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr.

When people don’t know their legal rights, they may not get the justice they deserve.

In greater Springfield, Hartford, and the Boston area, too many people who could greatly benefit from legal services can’t afford to pay a lawyer, so members of MassMutual’s Legal and Compliance & Ethics Departments step up to help.

Through our Law Division’s pro bono program, MassMutual volunteers partner with local organizations to provide no-cost legal assistance to those with limited means. MassMutual’s commitment to pro bono helps more people access equal justice. And that makes our community a better place.

Volunteer hours donated in 2020, reflects a 26% increase from 2016.


Attorney participation rate in 2020, reflects a 40% increase from 2016.

Program Highlights

A Message from Mike O’Connor

Why Pro Bono Matters

The disparity between the need for civil legal services and their availability is profound. In many geographic areas, including Massachusetts and Connecticut, public resources are constrained. Among people eligible for assistance through Community Legal Aid (CLA), which serves residents of Western and Central Massachusetts, two out of three are turned away because there aren’t enough legal aid lawyers to go around. There are also certain constraints on who CLA can represent.

To provide meaningful access to justice in our community, the private bar and other members of the legal community must step up to provide robust and effective pro bono service. MassMutual’s ongoing efforts in this space have been recognized locally and nationally. While it’s gratifying to receive awards, that is not why members of our Law Division do pro bono work. As a mutual company, as one of the state’s largest employers, and as a business that employs many legal professionals, we believe we have a moral obligation to serve our community in this manner. It’s an important part of the way we Live Mutual.

—Mike O’Connor, General Counsel