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Sustainable Finance

Our customers and policyowners trust us with their long-term financial security and peace of mind, and, for more than 170 years, MassMutual has provided the financial strength, products, and services they depend on. Integrating material environmental, social, and governance considerations across our finance activities enables us to pursue consistent, long-term returns by mitigating risk and identifying new opportunities.

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Our Approach

At MassMutual, sustainable finance encompasses management of our General Investment Account (GIA), our insurance products, asset management offerings, and capital structure. Our sustainable finance activities enable us to offer solutions that align with our customers’ needs while supporting our company’s long-term growth.

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Sustainable Investing

In managing MassMutual’s GIA, we focus on our long-term investment performance to support MassMutual’s financial strength and our ability to meet our commitments to our policyowners. Our evaluation of material sustainability factors contributes to our overall approach to managing risk-adjusted returns.

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Net Zero Portfolio by 2050

MassMutual has committed to transition our investment portfolio to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Our multiyear roadmap lays out our strategy and pathways to net zero, along with a near-term action plan that includes a clear timeline, deliverables, and ownership.

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Impact Investing

Through MassMutual’s impact investments — which are part of our GIA — we focus on investing capital in companies and funds that are overlooked because of systemic barriers. In doing so, we aim to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact, while addressing inequality in capital markets. Through the MM Catalyst Fund and First Fund Initiative, we commit impact investment capital to reduce structural inequities and advance racial equity.

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Principles for Responsible Investment

As a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI), we are implementing responsible investment practices that are consistent with our commitments to our policyowners and customers.

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Sustainable Offerings

MassMutual is committed to helping our clients meet their financial goals and reaching people on their terms. This includes offering a variety of options for clients who want to take advantage of sustainable investing strategies.

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2022 Sustainability Report

Our annual Sustainability Report details our progress and reflects our commitment to being transparent about our performance.


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