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and Ethics

From the moment MassMutual issued its first policy, we have operated with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. More than 170 years later, we continue to have an unwavering commitment to doing business ethically and in compliance with governing laws and regulations. This philosophy is a fundamental reason why our company has stood the test of time.
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Corporate Governance

Our governance structure reflects, and is designed to serve, our mutual form of ownership. As a mutual company, MassMutual does not have shareholders, so we are able to do business with the long-term interests of our policyowners and customers in mind.


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Risk Management

Effective risk management is integral to our culture and to fulfilling our responsibilities to our policyowners and customers, and it is central to how we operate our business.


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Cyber Security and Data Privacy

We recognize that we are stewards of data on behalf of our policyowners, customers, and employees, so cyber security and data privacy are critical operational and business priorities for MassMutual.


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2022 Sustainability Report

Our annual Sustainability Report details our progress and reflects our commitment to being transparent about our performance.


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