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There’s a lot that goes into building financial resilience

Whether it’s delivering financial education to students across the country with FutureSmart, supporting a child’s educational future with LifeBridge, or launching new and innovative programs designed to help local communities thrive, we’re bringing together the resources necessary to build financial well-being for all.

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Lasting change cannot be accomplished alone

Local leaders have been at it for years – identifying problems and creating solutions to build financial well-being. They’re the experts of their neighborhoods with a real understanding of the issues they face. That’s why we’re partnering with them to share their knowledge and amplify their impact. Together we’re creating more informed, collaborative, and long-lasting change.

MassMutual Foundation

Guiding Principles

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  • We understand barriers to financial health are complex and systemic, and we must challenge the status quo, shift social norms, and prove alternative solutions.
  • We take an intentional focus on those historically excluded from participating in the economy.
  • We do not hold the answers; our role is to amplify and follow voices of the community.
  • We seek to seed or enhance innovative solutions and strengthen the capacity of individual organizations to coordinate and leverage one-another in order to scale impact.
  • More can be accomplished through collaboration and pooled resources, and we will initiate and incentivize partnerships across entities, organizations and sectors.

Grant Guidelines

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In support of driving overall financial well-being, the MassMutual Foundation is focused on building the capacity of community organizations working to diminish systemic barriers and increase the financial resilience of households and communities. 

We focus on adults and multigenerational families that are financially coping - struggling with some, but not all, aspects of their financial lives - and are positioned to leverage support from community organizations to materially improve their financial situation.

Foundation grants take a variety of forms, most commonly: general operating, capacity building, program support, capital campaign. 

Preferred geography is focused on Greater Springfield and Greater Boston, Massachusetts. An organization with a national scope that includes service in Massachusetts may also be considered. 

Board of Directors

Sherriff Balogun Headshot

Sheriff Balogun

Head of Product and Platform Technology
Pablo Cabrera Headshot

Pablo Cabrera

Head of Finance Treasury Controllership
Foundation Treasurer
Amy Dias Headshot

Amy Dias

Head of HR Consulting & Talent Management
Dennis Duquette Headshot

Dennis Duquette

Head of Community Responsibility
Foundation President
Michael Morrissey Headshot

Michael Morrissey

Head of Web Engineering, Middleware & Tools
Jim Puhala Headshot

Jim Puhala

Head of Product Solutions & Regulatory Compliance
Foundation Clerk
Sucharita Varanasi Headshot

Sucharita Varanasi

Head of Sustainability and
Impact Investing Law
Dorothy Varon Headshot

Dorothy Varon

Vice President and Senior Counsel

Employees in Action

Support beyond funding

Each year, our colleagues donate thousands of hours of their time to causes they care about. In addition to traditional volunteering, MassMutual employees lend their professional expertise to nonprofit organizations, helping to support them in business areas including marketing, strategic planning, and many others, including through our robust Law Pro Bono Program.  Additionally, the MassMutual Foundation provides financial matching to volunteer time and monetary donations of our employees.

Explore More

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Annual Report

A comprehensive view of our performance, strength, and values. 

The report highlights MassMutual’s accomplishments and continuing focus on helping people secure their future and protect the ones they love. ​
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Sustainability Report

Taking action today, protecting tomorrow. ​

Our annual Sustainability Report details our progress and reflects our commitment to being transparent about our performance.