MassMutual Foundation

The MassMutual Foundation activates connections and untapped opportunities within communities so that all families can build their financial capability and thrive.

Our Approach

The MassMutual Foundation builds partnerships and collaborates with like-minded organizations and institutions that share our vision for building thriving communities. Our ability to support the development of social and financial capital based on our business expertise and resources is central to this very important work.

That’s why we’ve launched the Live Mutual Project, our signature platform built upon the power of collaboration and designed to increase financial strength and quality of life from within communities themselves. The Live Mutual Project brings together existing local resources as well as outside expertise to help people reach their full potential, neighborhood by neighborhood.

We also direct two proprietary national programs that both reflect the vibrant spirit of the Live Mutual Project and contribute to its success: FutureSmartSM and LifeBridgeSM.

FutureSmartSM is emblematic of the belief we hold that financial education is foundational to achieving economic empowerment. The program delivers a highly interactive learning experience to middle and high school students and encourages them to engage with their peers, teachers, parents, and other family members in more thoughtful conversations about money. Since 2014, more than three million students across the country have benefited from FutureSmartSM through a digital classroom curriculum and (pre-pandemic) live events at National Basketball Association (NBA) affiliate arenas around the country. Building upon the success of our student program, in 2021 we expanded FutureSmart to include free digital financial literacy education for educators and families.

Through LifeBridgeSM, MassMutual helps eligible working parents fund their children’s education by issuing $50,000 10-year term life insurance policies at no cost to them. (MassMutual pays the premiums.) As of 2022, we have issued more than 14,100 policies, which is over $708 million in coverage.

In support of our signature programs and target geographies, the MassMutual Foundation invests in a curated portfolio that leverages resources across multiple sectors to promote better financial outcomes for families, capacity-building for critical organizations effecting change in our communities, and employing data-driven solutions resulting in improved economic opportunity for all.

We also support anchor institutions in our home office communities that promote vibrant destinations to live, learn, and work. Anchor institutions considered for funding enhance economic opportunity by building a successful education ecosystem and strengthening economic development.

Funding Process

Grants are proactively identified and proposals are solicited by invitation only. Please note that, although the MassMutual Foundation does not fund sponsorships, MassMutual does provide limited sponsorship support for select local events hosted by anchor institutions. Sponsorships are proactively identified and considered by invitation only.