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The strongest communities are built together

Who knows best what a community really needs? The community itself. That's why the MassMutual Foundation partners with local community members and organizations to help build financial resilience leading to future opportunities for all. 

The Barber of Little Rock

Building prosperity, fostering hope, and crushing the racial wealth gap – Arlo Washington is making it all happen. The MassMutual Foundation is proud to have provided philanthropic support to the making of this Oscar-nominated film.

The best investment we can make is in each other​

We support those who support each other. Because having the resources to help a neighbor can make all the difference.

Focus Areas

Building Networks

Illustration: An outline in blue of two hands shaking hands
Connecting people builds social capital, which creates a financially strong community where people can support each other.

Fostering Financial Health

Illustration: Outline of a blue calculator
When people experience less debt, more savings, and improved credit, they are able to take advantage of future opportunities.

Fulfilling Basic Financial Needs

Illustration: Outline in blue of two individuals with a heart in the middle
When people’s most basic needs are met, they can focus on things that make their lives better.

Expanding Employment Opportunities

Illustration: Outline of a blue storefront
Building skills, knowledge, and expertise helps people find a career or start their own business – creating long-term change in the process.

Partner Highlights

UnionCapital Logo
Union Capital transforms social capital into opportunity by rewarding community engagement, believing that ongoing community collaboration cultivates equity for all.