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Baseball brings us together

We were fans long before we became an official partner of the Boston Red Sox. And just like the Sox, we’re deeply committed to protecting and uplifting our vibrant communities.

Official Partner of the Boston Red Sox

Don’t drop the ball

Plan for what's important to you – whether that's learning the financial basics, navigating life's stages, balancing life and work, or building generational wealth. You've got this, and we're here to help you hit it out of the park.

Why MassMutual

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Experience & Expertise

For over 170 years, people have depended on MassMutual to help secure their future and protect the ones they love. 
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Local Talent

There’s a MassMutual financial professional in your area ready to help you with whatever tomorrow brings. 
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Trusted Teammates

We'll provide you with options so you can choose the financial products and solutions that are best for you.

Let's Play Ball

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Any player can tell you, the game changes with every pitch. Stay up-to-date on the latest financial news and resources when you sign up for our newsletter.

Let's hear some chatter

Everyone needs a little coaching. Talk with a financial professional today and get trusted advice and guidance on planning for the future you want.
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Fenway Park Learning Lab

The best classroom curriculum? One that’s not in the classroom. See how this new experience is making a difference.

Community Support

MassMutual and the Red Sox have been helping protect New England communities for generations. Our partnership will allow us to create programs that support youth and education, encourage diversity, and make Fenway Park welcoming to all.

Red Sox Content

For the love of the game...

From Boston to Springfield...​ At your neighborhood field or Fenway Park...​ Playing a pickup game, or fighting for that game 7 W... we're here for it.​ All season long. ​Let's go Sox.​

Dream big, Wally!

Here’s to all Wally the Green Monster’s baseball dreams coming true.
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Joe Castiglione

What happens when an announcer with 40 years of experience play calling for the Red Sox sits in on a meeting at MassMutual?
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Now in centerfield at Fenway Park!

Our new centerfield sign is not only a nod to baseball’s legacy and MassMutual’s partnership with the Boston Red Sox but will also show the batter’s count.
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NHL Partnership

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We’re also hockey fans

MassMutual is an official partner of the National Hockey League (NHL). Since 2019, MassMutual and the NHL have teamed up to inform fans that financial planning and protection go well beyond the rink.