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Initiate a Privacy Request

At MassMutual, we recognize that our relationships with you are based on integrity and trust, so we first need to verify your identity. Please complete this form so that we may begin that process.

* = Required

Includes employees, contractors, agents, general agents, brokers and applicants.

Authorized agents should enter their own information in the request form and check this box to initiate a CCPA request on behalf of a California resident. We will contact the agent at the telephone number provided in the form after the form passes identity verification. To contact us directly please call 1-877-777-9154 with any questions.

By submitting the form, I consent to MassMutual and its service providers using my information for the purpose of communicating with me and managing my rights request(s).

What happens next?

Once you submit your information and your identity is verified, you will receive an acknowledgment at the email address you provide.

Our Response Time

While we strive to respond to every request as quickly as possible, our response time will vary based on the request complexity. For example, if you have multiple requests, we may choose to send individual responses as they become available instead of waiting until we can respond to all your requests. We will aim to reply to all requests within 45 days. If more time is required because of the complexity, we will be sure to notify you of the cause.

For more information about state rights visit the Privacy & Security Center.