Asylum Initiative

MassMutual® volunteers help asylum seekers, who are frequently the victims of persecution and violence in their home countries, apply for asylum so that they may remain safely in the United States.


Allan’s Asylum Journey

In Uganda, homosexuality is a crime. Allan B., a gay man from Uganda, suffered beatings, imprisonment, sexual violence, and death threats. In January 2017, he fled Uganda to seek asylum in the U.S. and was connected with the PAIR Project, a Boston, MA based non-profit organization that provides legal support to immigrants.

A team of MassMutual employees took on Allan’s case, learning his story and gaining his trust. They helped him apply for a work permit and helped him to put down roots in the community — a key factor to an asylum claim. A college-educated social worker, Allan obtained a position as a social worker at a group home for disabled adults.

The MassMutual team drafted a declaration for U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, detailed the environment for LGBTQ people in Uganda, and prepared Allan for an interview with the Asylum Officer. A week later, his asylum application was approved. Now Allan plans to go on to graduate school in the United States for social work or law.