Information Technology Track

A Few Potential Areas of Work:

The Early Career IT Internship Program is an 11-week summer program for college students who are currently enrolled in Freshman through Junior year in a four year college, for graduate students (Strategic roles only), and for high school students in 10th through 12th grade (Technical roles only). The focus of the program is exploring, building, and refining IT and professional skills. The Early Career IT Internship Program has three paths: Cyber Security, Strategic, and Technical.

Cyber Security

At MassMutual, information security is of the utmost importance. Every day, our cyber teams protect against threats to our customers’ personal information. Cyber security careers at MassMutual are challenging, varied, and extremely rewarding.

Strategic Positions

At MassMutual, information technology goes beyond strictly technical careers. Our robust IT department boasts an array of strategic, people-focused roles that are perfect for aspiring leaders with strong communication skills, including Project Management, Business Analysis, Portfolio Analysis, Enterprise Risk Management, and many other exciting roles. Strategic positions include project such as leading problem solve efforts, engaging in peer reviews, building out matrices, running reports, planning and executing events, supporting customer service efforts, and creating standard work.

Technical Positions

IT at MassMutual is exciting, innovative, and always changing. Whether you’re interested in Mobile Development, Full Stack Development, Robotics, Data Analysis, User Experience, Architecture, Systems Management, Emerging Technology, Technical Support, or a variety of other disciplines, there’s a career at MassMutual that’s right for you!

Early Career IT Internship - Cyber Security (Apply)

Early Career IT Internship - Strategic Areas (Full for 2019)
Early Career IT Internship (Advanced Degree) - Strategic Area (Full for 2019)

Early Career IT Internship - Application Development (Full for 2019)
Early Career IT Internship - Full Stack Boston (Apply)
Early Career IT Internship - Robotics (Full for 2019)
Early Career IT Internship - Data Analysis (Apply)
Early Career IT Internship - Cloud Engineer (Full for 2019)
Early Career IT Internship - Hardware Network Support (Apply)
Early Career IT Internship - UX (Full for 2019)
Early Career IT Internship - UX New York (Full for 2019)

Early Career IT Internship - High School (Full for 2019)