529 Investment Strategies: A Primer

The investment strategy you select for your 529 college savings plan will impact your potential return and risk.

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  • Budgeting Tips

    Knowing how to make and keep a budget can directly impact almost every aspect of your financial life.

  • Women and Money

    While there are challenges facing women when it comes to finances, there are also many opportunities to be in control of your financial future.

  • College Savings Calculator

    MassMutual's college savings calculator can help you estimate how much to save for college tuition. Explore options like a 529 Plan with our financial advisors.

  • Marriage and Finances: A To-Do List

    Those getting married should be honest about their finances, credit scores, and insurance before tying the knot. Consider a pre-wedding financial checklist.

  • Tips for Talking Money with Your Aging Parent

    Talking to your parents about money can be difficult but necessary to ensure a sound estate plan. Let MassMutual help you have that conversation.

  • Financial Planning To-Do List for New Parents

    New parents need to estimate child care costs, redesign the budget, and start a college savings plan to ensure financial success. MassMutual can help you plan.

  • Making the most of your employee benefits

    Maximizing your employee benefits will aid you in reaching retirement and health savings goals. MassMutual’s financial professionals can help you plan today.

  • Wealth Management: Is Setting Up a Trust Right for You?

    Setting up a revocable or irrevocable trust fund could be a solid part of your estate strategy. MassMutual’s financial advisors can help you plan

  • End-of-Life Planning Share Your Wishes with Loved Ones

    Establish a sound estate plan and make your wishes known before your death. Let beneficiaries know where to find important legal and financial documents.

  • Genomics: The New Frontier

    Genome sequencing has ushered in the era of personalized medicine, and could one day help doctors treat and prevent inherited disease.

  • Establishing Financial Goals

    When it comes to planning for your financial future, it’s essential to have clear goals — and good strategies for reaching them. Sometimes the hardest part is just knowing where to start.

  • Business Valuation Planner

    Use the MassMutual business valuation calculator to help you prepare for a partnership buyout after an unexpected event. It takes 2 to 5 minutes to complete.