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Caring for a loved one with special needs requires SpecialCare

SpecialCare is a MassMutual program that provides access to information and resources to families with dependents of any age who have special needs.

Focus on What Matters Most

Our mission is to help educate families and caregivers of people with special needs about the importance of creating a life care plan to help provide a secure financial future. MassMutual Special Care Planners are financial services professionals who have a focus on special needs planning. Preparing for the future of individuals with special needs can be complex and may require specialized planning.

How We Can Help

MassMutual Special Care Planners can help create a holistic plan that goes beyond typical financial matters. Our Special Care Planners have received advanced training and information in estate and tax planning concepts, special needs trusts, government programs, and the emotional dynamics of working with people with disabilities and other special needs. Located across the country, they have received specialized training in helping families plan for the financial future of their loved ones with special needs.


Trained Special Care Planners can help create a life care plan by:

  • Identifying and coordinating with a team of advisors and advocates, including qualified special needs attorneys, non-profit disability organizations, and service providers.
  • Understanding the financial needs of your loved ones with special needs and how the social, medical, and legal needs impact their future life care plan.
  • Coordinating financial strategies with your special needs attorney and other professionals on your team.
  • Offering financial needs analysis and options that make the most sense based on your circumstances.


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Financial Guidance

Prepare today for unexpected tomorrows

Whether you're new to the world of caring for a person with a disability or want to ensure you've taken the proper steps to prepare for their future, these ten basic financial steps could help.

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Insights from Families with Special Needs

The State of the American Family Study by MassMutual reveals that caregivers of dependents with special needs are most concerned about the future independence and financial well-being of their loved ones. Below are insights from the study.

In order to try to balance work and home life, working parents of a child with special needs are more likely to get help with childcare from family other than their parent(s)/ in-law(s); 17 vs 10% non-special needs.

Caregivers spend about 5 hours a day to provide care for their dependent with special needs

Only 50% of families with dependents with special needs have at least 3 months or more emergency funds saved

Solutions to Help You Reach Your Goals

Life Insurance

Preserve what you have built. Life insurance provides families with the ability to leave money to a loved one with special needs without jeopardizing their eligibility for government benefits.

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Disability Insurance

Individual disability income insurance can help safeguard your financial health should your income become impacted due to a qualifying disability.

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Trust Services

The MassMutual Trust Company (MassMutual Trust) manages the assets of a special needs trust and makes distributions to the beneficiary — your loved one — according to the terms of the trust.

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Additional Resources

Support for caregivers

Learn more about organizations that can help provide caregivers and families additional support for loved ones with special needs.

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The American College MassMutual Center for Special Needs

The American College, sponsored by MassMutual, is instrumental in the creation and continued development of the Chartered Special Needs Consultant® (ChSNC®) designation for financial professionals by equipping advisors with the specialized skills needed to help caregivers plan for the future of their dependents with special needs.

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