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For 168 years, we’ve helped you weather the toughest storms. And we’re committed to supporting you through this time of uncertainty.

A Message From Our CEO

In times of crisis, there is power in clarity and consistency. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, MassMutual has been guided by our sole purpose: We help people secure their future and protect the ones they love.

As the country has faced soaring numbers of cases, dramatic changes in our daily living, and mass economic hardship over the past few months, we’ve called upon our strengths as a mutual company to help us enhance our financial position, support our employees and customers, and answer the call for our communities.

Growing our financial strength. As we know, COVID-19 has created incredibly challenging economic conditions, including market uncertainty, plummeting interest rates, and the abrupt halt to our everyday routines that have had ripple effects in our economy. Despite this environment, MassMutual remains as strong as ever. In the second quarter, we grew our total adjusted capital to more than $29 billion, an all-time high, while also maintaining more than $13 billion in liquidity and holding among the highest ratings of any company in any industry.1 In addition, our nearly $230 billion General Investment Account2 – which backs the obligations we make to our customers – is well-diversified and managed with a long-term view that allows us to endure short-term fluctuations in asset values. All of this means that even in the most volatile market conditions, we are still able to meet the needs of those who rely on us.

Helping our people help you. Knowing that our employees are the ones who dedicate themselves to serving you, we are offering them the support they need to help you through this crisis. With the majority of our people working remotely to help ensure their safety and well-being, we have provided wellness assistance such as counseling sessions, meditation resources, and virtual fitness activities, as well as paid leave for COVID-19-related needs so they can take care of themselves and their loved ones. So whether you want to inquire about flexibility with your life insurance policy, have questions about your retirement plan, or simply want comfort and guidance, we are giving our people the support needed so you can continue to receive the high level of service you have come to expect from us.

Supporting those on the front lines. We also believe it’s essential that we all do our part to contain the virus, mitigate its impact, and help others who are affected by it. To help do this, MassMutual has created HealthBridge, our program in which we have committed to provide a total of $3 billion in free life insurance coverage to eligible health care workers in all 50 states. It’s our way of saying thank you to those who are sacrificing so much to put the health and well-being of others above themselves. While we can never repay them for their selfless acts during this crisis, we hope we can contribute to their peace of mind by helping them protect their loved ones as they work tirelessly to protect us all.

When we finally emerge from this pandemic, we are determined to look back and say that we not only kept our commitments to our customers, but we also kept faith with our communities, with the people who keep us healthy and safe, and with our own purpose as a company. We are heartened to see so many people and organizations take a similar perspective. Seeing others act with selflessness and care for their neighbors is how I know we’ll emerge from this crisis even stronger than we were before.

As always, we stand ready to help you during this difficult period, and we hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and well.

Roger Crandall's signature
Roger Crandall
Chairman, President & CEO

1 Financial strength ratings for MassMutual and its subsidiaries, C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company, are as follows: A.M. Best Company, A++ (Superior); Fitch Ratings, AA+ (Very Strong); Moody's Investors Service, Aa3 (High Quality); and Standard & Poor's, AA+ (Very Strong). Ratings are as of August 14, 2020 and are subject to change.

2 As of June 30, 2020