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Cash Sweep Programs

Keep your uninvested cash safe and working for you.

Cash Sweep is a program designed to hold cash balances awaiting investment. Through the program, the brokerage account cash balance from deposits, securities transactions, dividend and interest payments, and other activities is automatically deposited or swept into interest-bearing deposit accounts. These accounts are at one or more Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)-insured depository institutions.

FDIC deposit insurance provides a maximum of $250,000 of coverage per depositor per bank. Through MML Investors Services, LLC, our Advantage Cash Sweep and Insight Cash Sweep programs provide safety of client funds by offering extended FDIC insurance across multiple program banks providing up to $2.5million of FDIC insurance coverage per category of legal ownership identified by the FDIC ($5 million for joint accounts).

Advantage Cash Sweep (ACS) Interest Rates1

Sweep Symbol QMMLQ

As of June 17, 2024

  Tier                                   Cash Balance                            Interest Rate*                          APY*                                   
   1$0 - $10,0001.08%1.09%
   2$10,000 - $25,0001.08%1.09%
   3$25,000 - $50,0001.08%1.09%
   4$50,000 - $100,0001.08%1.09%
   5$100,000 - $250,0001.81%1.83%
   6$250,000 - $500,0001.81%1.83%
   7$500,000 - $750,0001.81%1.83%
   8$750,000 - $1,000,0001.81%1.83%
   9$1,000,000 - $5,000,0003.00%3.04%
   10$5,000,000 and above3.00%3.04%

*The interest rate paid on balances in the ACS program is reflected in the column titled “Interest Rate.” The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) takes into account the effect of monthly compounding of the interest earned.

For more information, view the Advantage Cash Sweep (ACS) program links:

ACS Disclosure

Program Bank List

Insight Cash Sweep (ICS) Current Yield2

Sweep Symbol QINAQ

As of May 1, 2024

  Eligible Accounts                     Interest Rate*                    APY                   Monthly Per Account Fee                             
  Investment Advisory/Fee Based IRA Accounts1.40%1.41%$16.00

*Rates are net of all fees.

For more information, view the Insight Cash Sweep (ICS) program links:

ICS Disclosure

Program Bank List

1 The ACS program provides FDIC Insurance for cash balances in brokerage accounts with a maximum up to $2.5 million (for an individual account) or up to $5 million (for a joint account), subject to the total amount on deposit in an account, applicable FDIC rules, and bank availability. For more information regarding the ACS program, please refer to the ACS Disclosure.

MMLIS earns a fee on the Advantage Cash Sweep (ACS) equal to a percentage of the average daily deposit balance within the program. Fees are dependent on several factors, including the rates of interest paid by ACS Program Banks, the yield paid to customers on ACS deposits, and the cash balances maintained by MMLIS clients. As these factors change frequently, our fee is an estimate. The estimated MMLIS fee for the ACS program as of March 31, 2024 is 3.59% (expressed as a percentage based on average cash in ACS). Please refer to the ACS Disclosure for additional information.

2 Through the ICS program, cash balances in eligible managed individual retirement accounts are eligible up to $2.5 million of FDIC insurance, subject to the total amount on deposit at each bank in the same ownership capacity, applicable FDIC rules, and bank availability. For more information regarding the ICS program, please refer to the ICS Disclosure.

MMLIS receives a per account fee as part of offering the ICS program. However, the fee is not deducted from client accounts. The amount due to MMLIS is calculated in the aggregate and deducted from the total amount of interest earned. The remaining interest is then credited to client accounts. The ICS program is specifically structured this way to provide the clients with the interest rate stated above (a client’s return is not reduced by the per account fee).

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