Fixed Deferred Annuities

    If you’re looking for a safe, predictable way to save for a long-term goal such as retirement, using a fixed deferred annuity can be a good choice for rounding out your portfolio. Fixed deferred annuities provide a set rate of interest and offer tax-deferral advantages. Because the money in a fixed deferred annuity isn’t exposed to stock market fluctuations, it will steadily grow in value over time, provided you don’t take withdrawals.

    Protection from Market Ups and Downs

    When you choose a fixed deferred annuity, you’ll be protected against the effects of market fluctuations. Your principal is protected and will grow in value, provided you don’t make withdrawals.

    Guaranteed Fixed Interest Rates1

    Fixed deferred annuities lock in a specified interest rate during the contract accumulation period (the period before annuity payments begin).
    The money within your contract grows slowly and steadily over time.

    Tax Deferral

    In addition to earning a fixed rate of interest, the money within a fixed deferred annuity contract grows free from current income taxes. The value of the money in your annuity increases as your principal earns interest, and as the interest on that principal compounds. You generally don’t have to pay taxes on the money in your contract until you make a withdrawal.

    Income Options

    The owner of a fixed deferred annuity contract chooses the income option that meets his or her needs. Available income options can provide guaranteed income for life, for a specific period of time, or for a combination of both2.

    1 Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.

    2 Taxable withdrawals are subject to ordinary income tax and, if made prior to age 59½, may be subject to a 10% federal income tax.

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