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    When you think about retirement, you may picture yourself enjoying hobbies, doing volunteer work or launching a second career. By planning for the next chapter of your life, your wishes can become a reality. Whether you’re right on track or even if you need to catch up, there are tools and services that can help you meet your goals and retire on your own terms.

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    Social Security is one of the few sources of retirement income that is predictable, periodically adjusted for inflation and guaranteed to last for as long as you live; so don’t base your Social Security retirement benefit decisions on guesswork.

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    Save for retirement and secure a steady stream of income.

    Life Insurance

    Protect the financial security of your loved ones and prepare for the future.

    How Life Insurance Helps Phil and Candy Give Back

    "Our whole life policies, in addition to what that policy payout would be upon our death, we're able to do some other things with. One recent thing that we chose to do was to help improve a camp for handicapped young adults."
    See Phil and Candy's story
    Picture of Scott Eckart

    Scott Eckart, Financial Professional in Indianapolis, IN

    “They both needed life insurance but were able to fund it at a level that's actually going to increase the value of the usable cash.”

    Scott Eckart, Financial Professional in Indianapolis, IN

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