Prepare Your Accounts.
    Share Your Wishes.

    After the emotional impact of a loss or long term illness one of the toughest things loved ones face is the legal, financial and logistical aftermath. It’s even harder if they don’t know where to find the information and documents they need, such as bank and credit card accounts, health care proxies, wills, and important contacts. By planning now, you can help make things easier down the road for the people you love.

    Easing the Burden on Your Loved Ones

    Thinking about how your loved ones will move on when you’re no longer with them is never easy. But by taking the time now to organize important information and write down what matters to you, you can help ease the burden on family and friends.

    Our free guide, What My Loved Ones Need to Know, helps you capture all of your important information in one place, including:

    • Insurance and beneficiary information
    • Key contacts, advisors and executors
    • Financial information and accounts
    • Online accounts, memberships and social networking
    • Location of important documents
    • Final arrangements and wishes

    Before you start feeling overwhelmed, remember: you don’t have to tackle all of these at once! Planning for the future is an ongoing process. 

    Simply download and save the What My Loved Ones Need to Know guide to your desktop and fill out the form fields as indicated. You can and should go back on an annual basis to update any information that may have changed over the past year. Make sure that your document is safely secured, perhaps in its own folder or with other important documents.

    Download the What My Loved Ones Need to Know Planning Guide (PDF)


    A Planning Guide: Preparing Your Accounts and Sharing Your Wishes

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