Join Our First #FutureSmart Chat Series Wednesday

    Join Our First #FutureSmart Chat Series Wednesday

    For children, financial education begins at home. While 79 percent of teens learn from parents about financial education, only 25 percent of parents feel confident in talking to their children about money, according to a study by education tech start-up Everfi.1  

    The more you know as a young person, the better prepared you are to create a strong and financially secure future. As a part of MassMutual’s FutureSmart initiative, we want to have a conversation with parents and educators that focuses on starting a discussion on the state of financial education among our young people.

    Please join our Twitter Chat on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 7:30PM ET to share, discuss and learn together on this critical topic of financial literacy for our young people.

    How to join our chat - Financial Education at Home

    Follow @MassMutual on Twitter and join us at 7:30PM ET this Wednesday, Sept. 21. Our hashtag is #FutureSmart and it will be included with each of the questions. When you respond, please use the hashtag #FutureSmart so everyone can follow the conversation. 

    You can join the chat by searching for the hashtag #InnovateThink on, Tweetdeck, or your favorite Twitter client. 

    Here are the questions for the first #FutureSmart chat…

    • Q1 - #FutureSmart - How did you learn about budgeting, spending & saving?
    • Q1 - #FutureSmart - What was your first job? What age did you get your first bank account?
    • Q2 - #FutureSmart - When should children get their first jobs? What will they need to know to manage money?
    • Q3 - #FutureSmart - What are some good financial habits that you try to teach your children?
    • Q4 - #FutureSmart - What are the pros and cons to allowances in teaching children finances?
    • Q5 - #FutureSmart - How does 'reality' TV impact how children think about money & spending?
    • Q6 - #FutureSmart - Should these good habits become a part of a required school curriculum?

    As a reminder, mark your calendars for two special upcoming events. Our second (of two) Twitter chats on this topic happens Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 7:30PM ET. And we kick off our special MassMutual FutureSmart classroom program Wednesday, October 5 at 8:30AM in Boston, MA.

    More details on MassMutual’s FutureSmart Program can be found here.

    1 Everfi, “Family Financial Capability,” April 2016.