Customers Can Now Email Annuity Forms

    Customers Can Now Email Annuity Forms

    MassMutual customers now have the added benefit of emailing their annuity forms, which were historically faxed or mailed via the postal service.

    Submitting annuity forms by email allows customers faster receipt and processing of requests; less risk of misdirected or lost requests; a consistent process across product lines; and the convenience of availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The forms can be accessed at

    In order to process the request, the email must include the completed MassMutual annuity form as a PDF attachment. All forms eligible for email submission will be updated to include the email address in the “Contact Us” section. Senders will receive an automated response indicating their request has been received and will be reviewed for processing.

    Please note: Annuity forms that require an original signature cannot be emailed. Customers must mail these forms to the appropriate address indicated on the form. All incoming financial requests received prior to 4 p.m. ET will be processed on the same business day. Requests received after 4 p.m. ET will be processed on the next business day. Annuity forms sent to individual email addresses will not be accepted.

    Customers may choose not to submit their annuity form by email and send via the traditional methods: fax or the postal service. Faxed correspondence may be sent to 866-329-4272. Annuity forms may be mailed overnight to MassMutual Financial Group, 1295 State St., Springfield, MA 01111, or via standard post to: MassMutual Financial Group, P.O. Box 9067, Springfield, MA 01102-9067.

    For further information, customers may contact the Annuity Service Center at 800-767-1000, option 2.

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