The Logans

    First-Generation College,
    Second-Generation Planning

    Russell and Cheryl Logan knew they needed to work on their financial plan to help their children afford college, free from the student loan debt they’d experienced in their youth. Thanks to a sound financial strategy, Russell and Cheryl are confident they’ll be able to comfortably meet the financial necessities of their children’s higher education costs, while still maintaining their family’s lifestyle.

    Picture of Brock Jolly

    Brock JollyFinancial Professional

    “Russell and Cheryl Logan are long-time clients who understand how whole life insurance can help them protect their future and meet their long-term financial goals, like helping their children pay for college.”

    Brock JollyFinancial Professional

    "We knew that we had to put the kids through college and we knew that we needed to work on our plan."

    "I feel relieved that we have a strategy in place that's going to help us pay for college."

    Picture of Brock Jolly

    “When Russell and Cheryl Logan got married, they both had substantial student loans. They don’t want their children to be in the same situation someday.”


    Protect Who Matters Most

    Whole Life Insurance

    Protect the financial security of your loved ones and prepare for the future.


    Save for retirement and secure a steady stream of income.

    529 Plans

    Saving for college may be easier with these plans that are operated by a state or educational institution and that offer tax advantages. 529 plans may be structured as a pre-paid tuition plan or as a college savings program.

    "I feel relieved that we have a strategy in place that's going to help us pay for college."

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