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    Phil and Candy's Story

    Candy and Phil wanted to enjoy their retirement as well as give back to their community and support their family. They had taken some financial risks years ago and paid for it. So they sought out financial guidance to help them figure out a way to fund everything they hoped to do.    View Video

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    Scott EckartFinancial Professional

    “Because of their legacy, we took a serious look at their life insurance as well as annuity products."

    Scott EckartFinancial Professional

    “After that first meeting, we kind of knew
    that Scott was someone we could trust.”  


    “We have seven grandchildren. We want to plan our finances to help them. So hopefully they'll all be able to go to college and not leave with $150,000 debt like so many have today.”

    Picture of Scott Eckart

    “They were in a position where they both needed life insurance but were able to fund it at a level that’s actually going to increase the value of the usable cash.”


    Plan for a Lifetime


    Save for retirement and secure a steady stream of income.

    I feel like it's kind of like the tortoise and the hare story. You just go along at a slower pace, but you get there.

    Picture of Scott Eckart

    “What I admire about Phil and Candy is that they see retirement as a chance to give back. Not only to their family, but to others. They’re pretty modest about that, but also they’re the kind of people that they’re going to leave a situation better than they found it.”

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