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    Ellen's Story

    Ellen started saving young. Still, she wondered if she'd be able to make her retirement savings last. Thanks to a strong relationship with her Financial Professionals, Bill and Ashish, she was able to ensure they would.    View Video

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    Ashish ChowdhryFinancial Professional

    “I tell her: Ellen this, is all your money. You have plenty and you can use it the way you want to use it. You just have to be smart about it — how you tap into it, and how you use it.”

    Ashish ChowdhryFinancial Professional

    "When I turned 70-and-a-half, and I had to start tapping into some of my IRAs, I said, 'Am I going to outlive this?'"  

    Puppy and Leaves

    Ellen had a desire for guaranteed income. That led me to safe, strong products such as a single premium immediate annuity and a deferred income annuity.

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    “Ellen had saved diligently throughout her life. But in today’s day and age people are living longer. They’re concerned that they’re going to outlive their money. Her need for guaranteed income led me to recommend safe, strong products such as a single premium immediate annuity and a deferred income annuity.”

    Products and Solutions To Help You

    Manage Income in Retirement

    Whole Life Insurance

    Help protect your family's future and meet your financial goals.


    Save for retirement and secure a steady stream of income.

    Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

    A tax-advantaged way to save for retirement. Both traditional and Roth IRAs are available, offering different tax advantages. Investors may select from a range of funding options.

    One more time, my MassMutual go-to guy saved me again.

    Picture of Ashish Chowdhry

    “Bill was Ellen's first MassMutual agent, as well as my partner. One of the last things he ever said to me was, ‘Please take care of my people.’ So I always try and do that, to the best of my abilities.”

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