Building a Strategy for Life

    Carla and Ginny’s Story

    Carla and Ginny had great jobs with good salaries, but very little to show for it. Goals like buying a house, planning for retirement, and taking care of loved ones seemed unattainable. At least until Tony, a Financial Professional, showed them it was possible.    View Video  

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    Picture of Tony Delumen

    Tony DelumenFinancial Professional

    "We took a very practical approach. We assessed where they were, and crafted an organized strategy as to what we wanted to do, and exactly how we were going to do it."

    Tony DelumenFinancial Professional

    "Tony helped us navigate how to get from Point A to Point B when we started with nothing. We were able to create some security and get on the path to attaining our goals." - Carla  

    "At first, I was skeptical. But everything Tony told us was very honest. And, sometimes honesty hurts." - Carla

    Picture of Tony Delumen

    "It's important that you create a plan you believe in. It's equally important to have a Plan B: a fallback position in case things don't pan out the way you hoped."


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    Protect the financial security of your loved ones and prepare for the future.

    "Tony's always very calm too, and he always has a plan. So we worked together and came up with a strategy. And the progress we've made is amazing."

    Picture of Tony Delumen

    "It's been great to see everything come to fruition. They're in a position where they're enjoying their lives - planning for their future while maintaining a reasonable lifestyle. It's very rewarding."

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