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If you're ready to apply for the MassMutual Catalyst Fund, use the form below to start the process.

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MMCF is building a diversified portfolio of early-stage and mid-stage Massachusetts companies. Early-stage companies need to have a solid proof of concept, significant market traction or revenue, and standout leadership teams. Mid-stage companies will have established annual recurring revenue of $1 million +, scalable revenue streams, and strong management teams.

The MM Catalyst Fund will primarily make investments of $250K to $2 million per company. To apply for funding, use the form to submit an application to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Founder Demographics (Optional)

We are asking demographic information to help us ensure parity in funding. We will use this information to: identify underrepresented groups in our pipeline, deal selection, due diligence process, and portfolio; develop outreach strategies to address gaps in our pipeline to ensure parity in access to funding; and estimate the investment opportunity in underrepresented founders.

Co-founder Demographics (Optional)

While we appreciate your interest in the MM Catalyst Fund, any information provided to us is for informational purposes only and in no way obligates MassMutual or MM Catalyst Fund to commit to, participate in or implement any investment. You should not definitively rely upon the submission of the application or use the submission of the application to form the definitive basis for any decision, contract, commitment or action whatsoever, with respect to any proposed transaction or otherwise. Further, until definitive written documentation is negotiated, executed and delivered by MassMutual or MM Catalyst Fund, no financing decisions are legally binding or commitments have been made to you.