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Impact Investing

Investing outside the status quo

Generating positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside financial returns

MassMutual Impact Investing is addressing inequality as a systemic risk to our economy, society, and portfolio. We invest with a focus on reducing structural and economic barriers, advancing racial and environmental equity while targeting risk-adjusted, market-rate financial returns.

Through MassMutual’s impact investments — which are part of our General Investment Account — we focus on investing capital in companies and funds that are overlooked because of systemic barriers. In doing so, we aim to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact, while addressing inequality in capital markets. This enables MassMutual to capture the market opportunity that exists by investing in and serving the needs of all Americans.

Young African American woman smiling at the camera sitting on a white couch

MassMutual Catalyst Fund

Investing in diverse and impactful start-ups to advance social and environmental equity.
Man smiling at camera standing in front of bookshelf full of books

MassMutual First Fund

National initiative to seed the rising generation of systematically overlooked by financial institutions with a differentiated investment thesis.