FUTUREJET City is in need of saving. Will you be the hero it needs?


    Tomorrow’s city needs saving – in more ways than one!

    MassMutual’s FUTUREJET game is a fun way to learn more about the importance of saving, especially long-term savings for retirement.

    FUTUREJET allows players to fly characters with helmets and jetpacks through FUTUREJET City, whose lights are flickering out due to dwindling energy supplies. The object of the game is for players to collect power bricks while flying over, under and around obstacles as fast as possible. Collecting the bricks promotes two savings goals: fueling the players’ jetpacks to continue flying in the short term while conserving extra energy to power FUTUREJET City in the long term.

    So start flying and saving today! The future of FUTUREJET City – as well as your financial future – may depend upon it!

    Want to learn more about FUTUREJET City’s predicament? Check out FUTUREJET: Mission for the Future.

    Strap on your jetpack – it’s time to fly!

    • Unlock new maps and new levels
    • Show your skill in Hero Mode
    • Challenge your friends when you sign in to Facebook via the app
    • Track global high scores on in-game leaderboards
    • Select your jetpack to set your difficulty, from assisted to fully manual
    • Earn in-game coins (no real-life purchase necessary) to upgrade various pilot perks like flight suit, jetpack, map features and more!


    Saving money can be difficult, especially when there’s so much out there screaming to be bought right this second. But being able to save and plan for your future can make a huge difference in everything from saving up for an item or a trip to larger things, like saving for retirement.

    FUTUREJET was created to present a lesson in the importance of saving through a fun lens, inviting you to help Max and Maci save their endangered city. And it doesn’t matter how old or how young you are – saving is important at any age, which is why FUTUREJET is made for all ages.

    You’ll be a hero in the game when you help Max and Maci collect and save resources to help their home – and you can be a hero in your own life if you learn from their example and make sure you’re doing some saving of your own!