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    Multiple Owner and Beneficiary Request

    Use this form for legal name changes of corporations and partnerships. DO NOT USE if the name change is due to a merger or sale of assets, the results of the termination of the partnership interest of any partner, or the creation of a partnership interest in a new partner. Replaces F7407.

    Owner Designation Form

    Use this form at time of application to designate an Owner if different than the Proposed Insured. Use this form after issue to change the Owner on existing MassMutual policies/contracts.

    Change Request

    Use this form for multi-service change requests for policies. Use this form to change the premium payer name and address; change or correct the name of the insured, owner, beneficiary, payer or payee; change the premium payment mode; change the dividend option; change or exercise the non-forfeiture option; add or revoke the Automatic Premium Loan (APL) provision; Use dividends to repay the loan; and cancel Modified Payment Option (MPO) authorization. This form can only be Used for policies issued by Connecticut Mutual Life.

    Service Request - Executive Benefits

    Use this form for: Changes to Automatic Premium Loans; Face Amount Decrease; Name Changes; Changes of Address; Death Benefit Option Changes.

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