Special Needs

    When planning ongoing care for a loved one with special needs, ensuring their quality of life is the first priority. We help by providing access to  information, specialists and financial solutions, so you can personalize a life care plan to help secure their future.

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    • Since 2004, MassMutual has been dedicated to helping Special Needs families receive the information and guidance they need to plan a better quality of life for their loved ones. We’re proud to play an active role in this strong and determined community.

    • We have a strong commitment to people with a disability or other special needs, as well as their parents or caregivers. To show that support, we’re sponsoring the MassMutual Center for Special Needs at The American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, which has developed a first-of-its-kind Chartered Special Needs Consultant (ChSNC) professional designation. These Financial Professionals can work alongside you and your accountants, lawyers, social workers — even health care providers — to provide solutions that may be right for your families’ unique needs.

    • We believe in the holistic approach and will collaborate with you and your team of professionals to help ensure your loved one’s special needs are being met.