Business Owners

    At MassMutual, we believe you should be in business for yourself, not by yourself. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing expertise and guidance to help you plan for your business’s financial future. Our services and product options can help you protect your business and carry out your long-term vision. 

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    • The value of your business is an important aspect of planning for your future. We can help you understand how business value affects so much of your life, your business and your employees. Then, we’ll work with you to form a roadmap — for everything from your retirement to estate planning to your legacy — that you can feel confident in.

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    • Our company understands the many risks business owners face. We provide financial solutions to help you protect your business, your partnership and your employees in the face of unexpected events. And we can help you prioritize issues and plan ahead so that you and your company can be prepared.

    • Employees look to the workplace for solutions that help them protect their future. We provide the products and services they want, from voluntary benefits to retirement plans. We also can help with special programs to reward your best and brightest. Plus, our offerings may be cost-effective for employees and easy for you to administer — possibly at no extra cost to your business.