Why trust matters

Trust is knowing that people will do what they say they will do. And trust is being able to rely on others. See what it takes to build and maintain trust with the LBGTQ community.

Trust is giving yourself that ability or giving yourself that permission to be yourself with someone and then work through the kinks of getting a relationship going.

When you ask me what I need to trust someone, I have to feel respected. is I have to feel valued. Trust is earned. But it's through those relationships that you form. It's in those bonds that you build. I don't think it's there from the beginning. Trust takes time to develop and, to me, trust is...not worrying that somebody else doesn't have your best interest at heart. Just belief that the other person will do what they're saying they're going to do. Following through. We need more of that. Because they say that trust is, it's actually hard to gain and it's easy to lose.

Trust is being able to tell your story and rely on who you're telling your story to to have it be believed, to have it be honored. Trust is being able to open yourself up to another person and not being judged. Just knowing whatever they're doing is for my own good and the trust, the support, and resources they said would be there. And they were!

I think, for me, it's trusting that somebody will be there anyway.

Regardless of what I am or my background. I'm the older generation, so it's taken a lot for me to learn to trust and learn to trust that people will still be there.

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