What is love worth?

When I was first married, it was 1979. My name was Steve back then and a lot of things have changed since then. When I transitioned, I was really afraid of what it would do to my marriage.

I didn't know if we would survive. And we did. It's one of the most meaningful things to ever happen to me. Probably the most. I didn't really know what true love was before that. Marriage makes you feel different. There is something about after you take those vows and you do it in front of your friends and family. It really feels different to be married.

It's a wonderful, wonderful feeling. It's nothing compared to any heterosexual relationships I'd been in because, in some ways, that felt so easy because everything was right there on a platter for me. If we wanted to marry, we could go five minutes down the road and do it. But with Angelica, my wife, we had to, we had to fight for it.

There was this moment of feeling like I was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people throughout history that have not have that opportunity and that I was not just... I was standing on their shoulders.

The biggest surprise that day was that my mother came over. She loves me and she loves my partner but there's some religious ideas that she told me very, very honestly, "I don't know if I can be there that day" but when they day came, he showed. And that really was very, very emotional and surprised me a lot.

There's still so much to do because changing the law is, in reality, the small step. It's when we change the hearts and minds, that's when I feel like we're going to be okay. But until that point, even though I know it's a great time to celebrate but we're still not done yet, we've got a lot more to do.

Something that I like to say is, you fall in love by accident. But once you're there, you really need to plan for love. You need to plan for your family.

You need to plan for those things that create insecurity and for the LGBT community, that's even more so.

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