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Discover what matters most to members of the LGBTQ community when looking for a financial advisor.

I just need to find someone that I trust and then give them my goals and hope that they're going to work with me in a way that's trustworthy.

Well, again, it's a trust factor because it's somebody I used to work with at my old place, he changed careers and so, I knew him to be trustworthy.

I really want to know what are the fees that I'm being charged, how do you get compensated? Are you compensated regardless of how I do? I think that's really important in that trust relationship.

I would love to have somebody that I can sit down with to talk about the current bill situation and figure out where we can line things up better, get things paid off quicker, be able to start saving more than just 401Ks and the pensions.

I'm very uneducated when it comes to finances, so I rely on them a lot to tell me, okay, this is not where you need to have your money and this is where you need to put your money. So I rely on them to make sure that I know where to go and it's going to get me there so that I can retire at 60.

I like it when they reach out to me and I say, okay, this where I want to go, I have no idea how to get there and they say, great, let me take you through the steps. And so, I feel like I'm going in the right direction.

I hired a financial advisor in which I meet with on a quarterly basis and we have goals as to what I need to achieve by 2030. So, we definitely have a timeline set on that.

I rely on a financial planner to help with educate me about what I should and shouldn't be doing. And... I'm not that great at learning about it myself.

I've never really felt as if the financial advisors I've worked with have LGBTQ experience and can help with the specific questions that we have.

So that's always been something that I feel is lacking and would like to have more of.

I would definitely work with somebody that is either LGBTQ or an ally. And then, I'd want to make sure that they're non-judgmental.

I really want them to A) fully understand this is my family, right, and B) aware of what an LGBTQ family looks like and not have any judgement around that. It's uh... Really, kind of, looking at the ways that our lives are distinct from heterosexual couples. Our lives are different, our needs are different in certain ways. Banking and institutions weren't designed to meet the needs of someone like me that was lesbian and, quite possibly, might not ever marry. I needed to plan for a future that didn't include income from another spouse. So I had to go out and find that.

We also don't have as... As some families will have more financial security as far as support from their family or support from their children. And we don't have as many, or there's a higher percentage of our community that doesn't have children and so they need to realize that that's not a part of their financial planning, so to speak.

I think it would be an extension of my family. You know, when I think of somebody who helps me organize something that is so important to me and my livelihood as think about retirement one day. Yeah, I want somebody who is very trusting, somebody I can be honest with, somebody who is not afraid to also let me know what some of my options are if I'm not able to see them myself.

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