Estate Planning

Organizing your estate can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking it step by step can make all the difference.

Getting Started

Estate planning is not just for those who plan to transfer wealth. Learn how to set up your will and what to do when you’re named an executor or a loved one passes.


Wills and the basics of estate planning

What to do when a loved one passes?

You’re an executor … now what?


Setting up an Estate

It’s never easy to talk about estate plans, but planning ahead can help you avoid costly mistakes.


Are you liable for your parents’ nursing bills?

Estate planning for high net worth households

Funeral costs and considerations


Transferring Wealth

Review what’s important to consider when wealth planning, whether it’s before or after retirement.


Probate: What it is, why people fear it

Wealth planning before retirement: Key concepts

Four possible alternatives to the stretch IRA


Protect your estate by planning today


7 situations where a trust might help

Trusts serve far more varied purposes than many people realize, and they aren’t just for the wealthy.



Estate planning: 6 big mistakes you might be making

Estate planning can provide peace of mind, ensuring that your assets, interests, and loved ones will be protected after you die, but it is also fertile ground for some costly mistakes.


Succession planning for your business

Someday you'll have to turn over the reins to someone else. Plan for it.


Estate planning for LGBTQ couples

Proper estate planning is vital for anyone who wishes to protect his or her assets and loved ones, but experts say it’s potentially more vital for same-sex couples and families, due in part to the passage of marriage equality laws. 



Creating a sound estate plan

Learn some of the important ways estate planning can help ensure your family will get as much of your estate as is legally possible.

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