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You Can Prepare!*

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This special At A Glance focuses primarily on estate planning for 2022. As we approach the year-end planning season, take a new look at the existing marketing collateral featured here to prepare. And plan to reach out to the Advanced Sales team at Ext. 41555 for all of the additional insight available to help your clients meet their specific needs this year.

Advanced Sales Strategies and Resources Directory

This directory provides direct access to digital content created by Advanced Sales. Featured are Strategy Snapshots, Advanced Underwriters, and more. Strategy Snapshots are consumer-approved, presented in case study format, and offer high-level insight and options to consider for business and estate planning needs — along with value add resources for those who want a deeper dive. Advanced Underwriter publications provide deeper subject discussions for Financial Professionals and Professional Advisors. All items are listed by topic category in the Table of Contents drop down or easy to find by form number via the search box.

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