Our strength is each other

MassMutual is founded on the principle of people protecting people - all people. By loving the ways we're different, we can learn from, support, and look out for one another.

MassMutual's ongoing commitment and partnership to the LGBTQ community Timeline Image - 1998 - Added domestic partnership benefits to HR policies * 2008 - Established the Pride LGBTQ Employee Resource Group * 2009 - Launched initial LGBTQ-focused advertisements * 2010 - Rated 100% on the HRC Corporate Equality Index for the first time * 2011 - Supported an Act Relative to Gender Identity in Massachusetts to extend protections of non-descrimination laws to transgender people. Signed amicus brief in opposition to DOMA * 2012 - Instituted SAFESpace,a company-wide anti-bullying program * 2013 - Member of the HRC Business Coalition for repeal of DOMA * 2014 - Added gender transition guidelines to HR policies. Signed Unity Pledge against Arizona bill allowing businesses to refuse service based on religious beliefs * 2015 - Produced Vow to Protect video and social media campaign sharing stories of LGBTQ couples after the ruling on Marriage Equality * 2016 - Signed amicus brief opposing North Carolina's anti-transgender bathroom law * 2017 - Signed amicus brief opposing LGBTQ descrimination in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case. Signed amicus brief supporting transgender rights in the Gavin Grimm and Dee Fulcher case. * 2018 - Signed amicus brief opposing employment discrimination in the Horton case. Rated 100% on the HRC Corporate Equality Index for the 5th year in a row.

Watch LGBTQ families share their stories.

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We are all a piece of a community. And when those pieces come together, we become something greater.

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