Our history of standing up for LGBTQ equality

MassMutual is founded on the principle of people protecting people - all people. By loving the ways we're different, we can learn from, support, and look out for one another. We’re proud to continue standing up for LGBTQ equality as we partner with NYC Pride on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising.

Our long-standing commitment to the LGBTQ community

Watch stories about community, love, family, Acts of Mutuality and more


LGBTQ adoption

David and David were uncertain if their dream of having a family would ever come true. Watch this touching story of love, adoption, and true family.


A life in transition

Learn about one woman's story of transition and the hard-earned strength that comes from finding yourself.


LGBTQ homebuyers

Meet Rachel and Anna, an LGBTQ couple who realized their dream of owning a home — in a community where they felt at home.


What family means

Attendees at Out & Equal share how they define family.


What is love worth?

We asked individuals from the LGBTQ community, “What is love worth?” Watch their powerful and inspiring responses.


Why trust matters

Trust is knowing that people will do what they say they will do. And trust is being able to rely on others. See what it takes to build and maintain trust with the LBGTQ community.


Planning for your future

Members of the LGBTQ community tell us about their goals and who they rely on to help secure their financial future.


Mutual Mosaics

We are all a piece of a community. And when those pieces come together, we become something greater.


Serving the LGBTQ community

Discover what matters most to members of the LGBTQ community when looking for a financial advisor.

Planning with Pride

Your plan is unique to you. Our resources and support will help you build a strategy to reach your goals.

How parents of LGBTQ children can show love and support at home.

MassMutual offers advice from the experts on raising an LGBT child

Certain unique financial challenges affect LGBTQ parents, but resources exist to ease the burden.

LGBTQ parent challenges

There are many financial opportunities – and potential pitfalls – for gay and lesbian couples.

Estate planning for LGBT couples

How parents of LGBTQ children can show love and support at home.

MassMutual offers advice from the experts on raising an LGBT child

LGBTQ college students and their allies can potentially pare their tuition costs.

LGBTQ scholarships

Definitions of a "parent" and conflicting state standards can be troublesome.

Same-sex divorce challenges

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