Portfolio Companies

The Catalyst Fund is proud to have invested in a wide and diverse portfolio of companies. Explore them below.

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Derek Canton
Founder & CEO

Location: NYC/Boston

Paerpay is a financial technology company providing contactless payment tools for touchless commerce. Paerpay helps merchants accept contactless payments with tools that create an unmatched touchless experience, maximize the lifetime value of patrons, offer better card processing rates, and empower merchants to thrive in a world of touchless commerce.

Megan O’Connor
Founder & CEO

Location: Beverly, MA

Nth Cycle is empowering the evolution of clean energy with innovative technology. Harnessing the power of electricity, they’re transforming waste into a clean, streamlined, and domestic supply of critical minerals. with a focus on recycling ev batteries and other electronic goods, Nth Cycle works with existing players in the ecosystem to provide clean and cost-effective solutions.

Rahkeem Morris
Founder & CEO

Location: Boston

HourWork is an hourly employment marketplace and recruitment analytics tool. The platform enables franchisees like McDonald’s to quickly fill open positions by rehiring previous workers and applicants. HourWork’s Founder and CEO Rahkeem is passionate about empowering hourly workers. After dropping out of high school to help his family, he put himself through college and later worked for Google and earned his MBA at Harvard.

Thyme Sullivan | Denielle Finkelstein
Founder & CEO | Co-Founder & President

Location: Duxbury, MA

The Organic Project — known as TOP — is a women-owned, social impact brand bringing organic, plant-based sustainability to feminine care. TOP has experienced executive CPG founders who are focused on targeting Gen X Moms and their Gen Z daughters. In addition to a unique product assortment, TOP’s multichannel distribution strategy and diversified supply chain set the brand apart.

Florence Furaha
CEO & Founder

Location: Newtown, MA

MeetCaregivers is a wholistic, online marketplace that’s disrupting the homecare industry. The innovative platform intelligently matches seniors to services they need, including care providers, services, products, and technology. Its proprietary, HIPAA-compliant tracking portal makes coordination between families, caregivers, and care team members seamless and simple. Plus, its matching feature, which is based on five-factor psychometric instruments, has reduced caregiver turnover to under 30 percent — far below the industry standard of 82 percent.

Dan White
Founder & CEO

Location: Holyoke, MA

Clean Crop Technologies is committed to providing next-generation solutions for crop loss and food safety. Their innovations improve crop yield and extend shelf life, in turn reducing food waste. The Clean Crop treatment is both versatile and unique in that it maintains food quality and is calibrated for a wide range of crop types and use cases.

Camille Martin
Founder & CEO

Location: Burlington, MA

Seaspire Skincare is a first-of-its-kind developer of performance colorants and active ingredients intended to replace harmful ingredients in sunscreens and skincare products. The company’s product scatters and absorbs light while protecting against a broad spectrum of ultraviolet radiation. This technology stems from the octopus’ amazing color-changing capabilities.

Brittany Palmer
Founder & CEO

Location: Wayland, MA

Beeyonder is an online marketplace offering live and interactive virtual travel experiences from qualified guides around the world. Beeyonder is working to create equal access to travel for people with conditions that prevent or inhibit travel, as well as a sense of community among seniors, students, individuals, and organizations.

Schendy Kernizan
CEO & Founder

Location: Boston

Rapid Liquid Print is a 3D printing and injection molding company that utilizes different polymers and software to develop unique products in zero gravity. Using this groundbreaking technology, they can produce customized prosthetics at affordable prices and rapid prototype everything from shoes to interior design products. So far, the company has collaborated with several notable car companies and shoe brands.

Nick Martinelli

Location: Deerfield, MA

Marty’s Local is a mission-driven, full-service distribution company serving local farmers and regional food producers. The B2B company provides marketing, buyers, trucking, and logistics for high-quality produce and food products. Through this work, Marty’s Local is building economies and creating jobs in rural Massachusetts. The company is also dedicated to lessening environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions and creating a more responsible and sustainable regional food system.

Helen Adeosun
Founder & CEO

Location: Boston, MA

CareAcademy is a specialized online training platform providing education to home care professionals. The platform offers courses in a range of topics, such as infection, control, nutrition, meal prep, and dementia. Targeting small and medium-sized home care agencies, CareAcademy offers mobile-first training with portable credentials for caregivers. By affording caregivers professional development and upskilling opportunities on the job, the company is offering solutions that bridge the gap between employer and caregiver.

Jay Grayson | Kate Terry
Founder & CEO | Co-Founder & COO

Location: Cambridge, MA

Surround Insurance offers bundled insurance for urban and freelance professionals whose lives don’t fit the mold for traditional insurance. Offering speed, flexibility, and competitive pricing, the company’s products are customized to the needs of modern life. With bundling options such as non-owned car insurance, renter’s insurance, bike insurance, and freelance worker insurance, Surround Insurance brings valuable protection to underserved populations.

Tanya Van Court
CEO & Founder

Location: Boston, MA

Goalsetter is a fintech company delivering a suite of inclusive financial literacy and banking products. Goalsetter gives children a fun way to learn key financial concepts in an age appropriate, playful, digestible format. Children can track spending and budget while earning rewards for content comprehension.