Retirement Services

    Pension Buyout Annuities

    If you are terminating your defined benefit plan or closing out the pension liability of certain participant groups, a pension buyout solution can help you get back to focusing on your business with the confidence that you are helping your employees retire on their own terms. MassMutual offers a pension buyout solution designed to help meet your needs. We are a leading provider in assisting plan sponsors with reducing pension risk, fulfilling their fiduciary obligations, and honoring commitments to participants.

    Reduce Risk

    With a proper pension buyout strategy in place, you may be able to reduce your organization’s risk by transferring the uncertainties that are associated with plan assets and liabilities. MassMutual provides solutions that can deliver risk transference for your pension plan.

    Eliminate Accounting and Funding Volatility

    Regulatory environments, asset performance and longer expected lifespans can all impact your plan’s — and in turn your organization’s — financials. Through the purchase of a pension buyout annuity, you can help remove this volatility from your balance sheet and income statement.

    Lower Corporate Expenses

    By purchasing a pension buyout annuity, you may be able to lower your corporate expenses by eliminating Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) premiums (and the threat of future increases), and administrative, actuarial, and investment management expenses.

    Customized Solutions and Administrative Services

    MassMutual can help you deliver on certain commitments to your participants while helping to reduce your organization’s economic and operational exposure. Our solution includes a single premium annuity contract with an irrevocable commitment to provide the benefits purchased, the ability to fund annuity purchase through a transfer of assets in kind, and benefit payment streams to participants (or beneficiaries) through the issuance of annuity certificates from MassMutual. We also provide full administrative services and communications.

    Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.


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