Retirement Services

    Defined Benefit Plans

    Whether you are looking for a fully bundled, semi-bundled, or investment-only approach to pension plan services, or you are looking for a provider that can combine services for both defined contribution and defined benefit plans, MassMutual can help provide the flexibility you need to help achieve and maintain the goals you set for your retirement plans. We have served defined benefit pension plans for more than 65 years.

    Plan Administration and Consulting

    Whether you intend to sustain, freeze or terminate your defined benefit plan, stabilizing costs and getting your plan to a healthy level of funding are important objectives. MassMutual’s investment and actuarial support teams can work with you and  your plan’s advisor to help project contributions and benefit payments, and help optimize your plan’s investment portfolio by finding an optimal balance between return-seeking assets and the relative stability of fixed income investments. Our consulting actuaries  focus on defined benefit plans and average more than 20 years of experience. In addition, our support model includes strategic consulting on many aspects of your plan to help you set the right funding path to meet your business goals. No matter where your defined benefit plan is in its lifecycle, MassMutual can help you reach your goals through a choice of service models.

    Investment Management

    Our investment management team will work closely with you and your plan’s advisors with respect to asset allocation, manager selection and monitoring. With our dedicated investment research and consulting professionals, we have the expertise to help you and your plan’s advisors navigate the defined benefit investment landscape. Our practitioners can conduct due diligence and client consulting, and can deliver real-time market insights to clients and advisors. MassMutual is proud to be recognized as a leading investment manager for winning 2014 Lipper Fund Awards1 for Best Overall Small Fund Group, Best Mixed Assets Small Fund Group, and Best International Large Cap Core Fund. We offer a broad range of MassMutual funds featuring portfolio management from some of the most highly regarded institutional, retail and boutique firms in the industry.

    Participant Communication and Education

    Sponsoring a defined benefit or cash balance plan is a significant commitment that may not be apparent to your employees. MassMutual’s RetireSmartSM participant communication program is a comprehensive approach to building employee appreciation of these retirement benefits through understanding. This can occur through online account access and interactive planning tools, account statements mailed to homes, and access to our call center.

    Pension Funding Scorecard (PDF)

    * Lipper, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reuters, is a leading global provider of mutual fund information and analysis to fund companies, financial intermediaries and media organizations.

    Mutual Fund Industry "Hall of Fame" selection announced December 2, 2013 by Fund Industry Intelligence and Fund Director Intelligence (Euromoney Instiutional Investor) for MassMutual's prior awards: Retirement Leader of the Year for Industry Leadership and Excellence in Retirement Plan Services, April 2012; Deal of the Year, 2013; Ad Campiagn of the Year, 2013. MassMutual is the only firm ever to have earned a Hall of Fame induction in two years.


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