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    If you’re a business owner, it’s imperative to protect everything you’ve created by preparing for unexpected events, such as the death or injury of a partner or a key employee. With the right strategy and protection, you can help ensure your business will continue to run, salaries will be paid, and your plans will be carried out.

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    Life Insurance

    Protect your business and employees from the unexpected.

    How Life Insurance Helped One Business Weather a Recession

    "Having cash value in our life insurance policy gave us a feeling of security."
    See Don and Dave's Story
    Picture of James Glass

    James Glass, Financial Professional in Walnut Creek, CA

    “Whole life insurance provides a death benefit that helps protect your family, but it's also a product for the living. It's a very flexible type of product that gives you options.”

    James Glass, Financial Professional in Walnut Creek, CA

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    100 Tips for Business Owners

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