Retirement Services

    Taft-Hartley Plans

    As an experienced Taft-Hartley retirement plan services provider, MassMutual provides bundled solutions for trustee-directed defined contribution plans, member-directed defined contribution plans, and defined benefit plans for union trustees and members. MassMutual’s commitment to union labor goes beyond helping members retire on their own terms. Since 2006, MassMutual has worked hard at putting union members to work by spending more than $3 billion on real estate projects nationwide using union labor.

    Plan Administration and Dedicated Service Team

    MassMutual has provided services to Taft-Hartley retirement plans for more than 40 years. Our dedicated service teams are led by relationship managers who have an average of 17 years of experience with Taft-Hartley plans. Our customers have direct access to an account manager and a communication specialist who will provide you with support and service.

    Member Education

    Our suite of innovative tools is designed to help your members make educated decisions when it comes to saving for retirement. Through our RetireSmartSM participant communication program, members are encouraged to think about their retirement savings as a retirement paycheck. We challenge them to consider all the sources of their retirement income, including, as applicable, their annuity plan, defined contribution plan, defined benefit plan, Social Security benefits and any personal savings. Members who may not be meeting their retirement savings goals can be provided with specific action messages customized by their career levels: apprentice, journeyman, pre-retiree or retiree. We also provide total benefits statements and live, on-site, group or one-on-one education sessions delivered by MassMutual retirement education specialists.


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