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A successful business begins with building a solid financial foundation and then planning for all outcomes. At MassMutual, we recognize the challenges you face and are equipped to help you prepare for the future with confidence.


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A MassMutual Podcast Presents with Chris Vanderzyden, CPA, CEPA – Legacy Partners Worldwide, LLC

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The 2022 MassMutual® Business Owner
Perspectives Study takes the pulse of today’s business owners. Review this study with key decision makers in your business. Then use the findings to begin a meaningful dialogue about how you can best position your business for long-term success and financial stability.

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Is your business protected from the unexpected?


of business owners have a buy-sell agreement in place.

Can your business fund the unexpected buyout of an ownership partner?


of buy-sell agreements may not be adequately funded.



How do you prepare for the unexpected?

This video shows how a closely-held business was able to endure the loss of its founder by having a funded buy-sell agreement in place. The business was able to successfully transition to a key employee through the buy-out of the surviving spouse. The accompanying brochure features more detailed information.

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1 Exit Planning Institute (EPI)