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We’ve built our success by staying focused on what matters — earning your trust and delivering solutions to help meet your complex financial needs.

Business Owners

Protect your business — and your future

Explore strategies to help you protect what you’ve built so you can leave the business on your terms. A financial professional specializing in business needs — no matter the stage in your business — can answer your questions.


What would happen to your business if something unforeseen happens to you, a co-owner, or a key employee? There are steps you can take to help mitigate the risks that can threaten the viability of your business.


Business Overhead Expense
Life Insurance Funded Buy-Sell Agreements
Disability Funded Buy-Sell Agreements
Key Person Life Insurance

Whether you realize it or not, knowing the value of your business will have a big impact on both your personal and business planning. A financial professional can provide a clear picture of the value of your business so you can prepare for the future.

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Have you thought about how much you need your business to be worth to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement? There are strategies to help you build assets outside the business so you aren't solely dependent on the business to fund your retirement.


Life Insurance Funding Executive Benefits



Attract and retain top talent

Improve your company’s ability to attract top talent and retain existing employees. Our customized employee benefit solutions can help simplify group and executive benefits such as life, accident, critical illness, or disability income insurance.

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Voluntary Benefits

Group Whole Life Insurance can help your employees be more prepared for the unexpected through permanent, portable protection with built-in guarantees. Plus, it provides your employees with the ability to build up cash value.

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Group Universal Life can offer a more customized approach to employee life insurance. It offers your employees affordable, permanent, portable coverage with flexible premiums and optional guarantees — all of which can help them keep up with the changes in their lives.

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While it's impossible to completely prevent accidents, Group Accident Insurance can help your employees be better prepared for their potential financial impact. After an insured is injured due to a covered accident, it provides the certificate owner with a lump-sum benefit, so they can spend less time worrying about expenses and more time healing.

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A critical illness – like a heart attack, stroke, or invasive cancer – can have an emotional, physical, and financial impact on a family. Group Critical Illness insurance can provide a lump-sum benefit, paid directly to them, to help them cover personal or medical expenses.

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Executive Benefits

MassMutual’s individual disability income insurance is designed for highly compensated employees and executives whose coverage may not meet their financial needs, due to the potential exclusion of incentive compensation and bonuses.

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Institutional Solutions

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Trust a proven leader

For more than 70 years, we have built our reputation serving institutional businesses by earning our clients' trust and delivering long-term, customized solutions to meet their unique financial needs.

Experience our consultative, client-focused approach to creating innovative, tailored institutional solutions to help drive better outcomes for your business.

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Our institutionally priced solutions can offset the costs associated with employee benefit programs while our properly structured life insurance solutions can help manage business risks associated with the loss of highly compensated key employees and serve as a tax-efficient balance sheet asset.

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MassMutual’s historically strong credit rating provides you with the opportunity to invest in funding agreements to help meet your financial accumulation or investment needs.

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With a proper pension transfer strategy in place, you may be able to reduce your organization’s risk by transferring the uncertainties that are associated with plan assets and liabilities. MassMutual provides solutions that can deliver risk transference for your pension plan.

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Our comprehensive stable value solutions offer customizable and differentiated features, which are backed by the financial strength of one of the highest-rated1 companies in any industry.

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MassMutual Investments

A Disciplined Approach to Investment Management
We are dedicated to helping advisers and investors achieve their long-term financial goals. We use our unique open-architecture platform to craft solutions that deliver in all stages of the investor journey. From building potential wealth to retiring comfortably, we work continually to help investors secure their futures.

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Sustainability and Mutuality

Sustainability is integral to how MassMutual delivers value and stability for our stakeholders. We are embedding environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and good governance into how we do business. As part of this, we are leveraging our role in capital markets to help address climate change and advance a decarbonized economy.

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Financial Strength Ratings


Standard & Poor’s (Very Strong)


Moody’s Investors Service (High Quality)


A.M. Best (Superior)


Fitch Ratings (Very Strong)

Strength, Stability, and Performance


in total adjusted capital3


dividend payout in 2021 to eligible participating policyowners


Insurance and Annuity Benefits paid in 20233


total invested assets

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Quality and Performance

Delivering long-term solutions

At MassMutual, we’ve followed a prudent investment strategy for more than 170 years, giving policyowners confidence that we will deliver on our long-term commitments.

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1Ratings are as of 6/1/2024 and apply to Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries, C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company. Ratings are subject to change.

2These are consolidated statutory results of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and its U.S.-domiciled life insurance subsidiaries: C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company.

Insurance products issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) (Springfield, MA 01111-0001) and its subsidiaries, C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company (Enfield, CT 06082).