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Let's Build Together

For over 170 years, MassMutual has helped families secure their future and protect the ones they love. Discover products and solutions, which can help build a secure future for you and your family.

Building a Stronger Tomorrow Together

You've got a lot going on and sometimes it's hard to stay on track. But you don't have to do it all on your own. Explore MassMutual's quizzes, tools, and resources, which can help you reach your financial goals.  
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How much life insurance do I need?


MassMutual's Life Insurance Calculator provides you with a quick and easy estimate of how much life insurance coverage you may need.

    How much should I save for retirement?

    a year
    toward my retirement.
    saved for retirement.

    See if you're on track for the retirement you want. MassMutual's Retirement Savings Calculator provides a look at your retirement nest egg and estimated monthly income.

      How much do I need to save for college?

       years old. 
      college expenses.
      saved in my child's college fund.

      It's never too early to start saving for college. Our college savings calculator can help you estimate how much to save for college tuition, fees, room, and board.



        Essential Protection

        Essential protection means protecting your income with an appropriate amount of insurance. Learn more about how these policies help provide financial security for your family.

        Supplement Your College Funding Plans with Whole Life Insurance

        Discover the benefits of Whole Life Insurance and how it can help pay for college.



        Whole life insurance: Balancing protection and accumulation

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        Whole Life Insurance doesn't just protect your loved ones. It also offers the opportunity to accumulate wealth.

        Retirement savings catch up: 3 moves

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        Here are three of the most effective, applicable financial moves that will help ensure your retirement is as you envisioned.

        3 ways a financial professional adds value

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        Learn how a knowledgeable and trusted expert can make a difference in your financial planning.


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        如果您正在考慮人壽保險,可能會遇到的選擇之一是終身壽險。 終身壽險是一種永久性壽險,投保人的一輩子都能享受有保障的死亡保險金,前提是保險費在規定期限內支付。

        Let's Build Together

        Saving for your kid's college tuition? Preparing for a comfortable retirement? Together, MassMutual can guide you to the products and solutions that protect what you're building for the ones you love and accumulate assets when you need them the most.

        Why Financial Professionals

        Start Building Your Future with Us Today  

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        Here in Your Community, Ready to Help

        When you work with a financial professional who understands the values of your culture, community, and unique financial needs, you’ll have an advocate in your corner who can provide you with personalized financial guidance.
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        No commitment
        There's no cost to set up a meeting and talk with us.
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        Experience & Expertise
        For over 170 years, MassMutual has helped families secure their future and protect the ones they love.
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        Trust & Transparency
        We work to earn your trust by explaining every step of our process, sharing our knowledge in your preferred language, so you’ll feel comfortable to make the decisions that work best for you.
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        Community & Loyalty
There’s a MassMutual financial professional in your area dedicated to setting you up for success on the road ahead.