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Your clients deserve more than copy-and-paste solutions. Get more innovative, more individualized, and more efficient with dedicated, one-on-one support from MassMutual Brokerage Directors.

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Our Difference

Our Difference

Grow your practice and help your clients achieve more with access to MassMutual's product portfolio and people. We’re as committed to your success as you are — and available nationwide, whenever you need us. When MassMutual Agency Brokerage becomes part of your team, so much more is possible

Advanced Sales

Advanced Sales

Building and diversifying your business is easy when you align yourself with MassMutual. You’ll have a team of experienced advanced sales professionals who know the nuances of the products and will work with you and your clients’ in-house and outside counsel, tax advisors, and accountants.


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Advanced Sales team

Major areas of specialization

  Business Planning

  Charitable Planning

  Personal Planning

  Estate Planning

  Executive Benefit Planning

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Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

Whether you’re helping clients protect their family and business, or plan for retirement, we offer a lineup of insurance and investment products to fit any portfolio.


Marketing Resources

Life Insurance Marketing Hub
Disability Income Insurance Hub
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Annuities Marketing Hub

Life Insurance

Whole Life 100 Traditional pay to age 100 whole life insurance
Whole Life 65 Paid-up at age 65
Whole Life 10 Pay 10 payment whole life
Whole Life 15 Pay 15 payment whole life
Whole Life 20 Pay 20 payment whole life
Whole Life HECV Pay to age 85, high early cash value for business balance sheet
Survivorship Whole Life 100 Pay to age 100, death benefit paid at death of second insured
UL GuardSM Secondary guarantee universal life
SUL GuardSM Secondary guarantee, death benefit paid at death of second insured
Apex VUL® Multi-functional, flexible premium variable universal life
Term — Annually Renewable Term Annually increasing premium convertible term insurance
Term 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30  Level premium convertible term
Term 15 ECP, 20 ECP, 25 ECP and 30 ECP  Level premium term with more time to convert (extended conversion period)
Non-Convertible Term  Non-convertible, non-renewable one year term
Non-Convertible Survivorship Term  Non-convertible, non-renewable one-year survivorship term

Disability Income Insurance

Radius Choice®  Individual DI insurance, non-cancelable to age 65
RetireGuard®  Individual DI insurance, non-cancelable to age 65, to fund retirement savings
Executive Select Program  A program for executives who earn $800,000 or more annually, where coverage in excess of current I&P limits may be available on a Radius Choice policy
Business Overhead Expense DI for business owners
Disability Buy-Sell DI for business owners


MassMutual Odyssey SelectSM Flexible premium deferred fixed annuity, 7 or 9 year surrender charge periods
MassMutual Premier VoyageSM Fixed deferred annuity with limited flexible purchase payments and a market value adjustment feature. Offers guarantee interest rate/surrender charge periods from 2 to 7 years. Issue ages up 90.
MassMutual Stable VoyageSM Single premium deferred fixed annuity with 3, 4, 5 year guaranteed interest rate/surrender charge periods
Index HorizonsSM Single premium deferred fixed index annuity

*Stable Voyage is only available in states where Premier Voyage is not approved, which is currently California and New York.

MassMutual RetireEaseSM Single Premium Immediate Annuity Single premium immediate fixed annuity
MassMutual RetireEase ChoiceSM Flexible Premium Deferred Income Annuity Flexible premium deferred income annuity

Long Term Care Planning Solutions

LTCAccess Rider (Whole Life) Optional rider available for Whole Life products (benefits paid on reimbursement-type basis)
Chronic Illness Rider (Whole Life)  Optional rider available for Whole Life products (benefits paid on indemnity basis)
Chronic Illness Rider (UL/VUL)  Automatically included for eligible Apex VUL and UL Guard policies
CareChoice One Single premium whole life insurance policy with a qualified long term care insurance rider
CareChoice Select 10 payment whole life insurance with qualified long term care insurance riders


MassMutual Group Whole Life Insurance (GWL)  Group whole life coverage on a guaranteed or simplified issue basis and option to purchase coverage for certain family members
MassMutual Group Universal Life Insurance  Permanent, portable coverage with flexible premiums and guarantees
MassMutual Group Accident Insurance  Limited benefit, non-participating group accident insurance provides lump-sum paid directly to employee if insured is injured due to a covered accident
MassMutual Group Critical Illness Insurance  Limited benefit, non-participating group critical illness insurance provides lump-sum benefit paid directly to employee upon diagnosis of covered critical illness
MaxElect®  Executive individual disability income insurance product used for multi-life cases with a Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) offer
RetireGuard®  Individual DI insurance, non-cancelable to age 65, to fund retirement savings

Stay Informed

MassMutual Brokerage Team
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MassMutual offers web-based course trainings to its appointed brokers through RegEd. Trainings for AML, Annuities, and Life products (including Life-LTC hybrid) are available.

Certain states require product-specific training. Be certain to review the state and company required trainings prior to soliciting business. All training requirements are pre-solicitation, with the exception of AML. Additional information can be found in this guide.

If you are a Registered Representative who has already completed trainings through your broker-dealer, please notify us via email at AMLQ& and we will confirm whether this training can be accepted.
Please include your name, your AA number, name of your broker dealer, date you completed the AML training, and a copy of your AML training certificate (if available).

Questions can be directed to Advisor Operations at 1-800-767-1000 ext. 48850.

You will need the following information to register

  • User Name = “0” plus your 6-digit AA number (must be 7-digits)
  • Password = username from above plus the first four characters of your last name (in lower case)
  • Company Code = MML_ATTP

Financial Strength Ratings


Standard & Poor’s (Very Strong)


Moody’s Investors Service (High Quality)


A.M. Best (Superior)


Fitch Ratings (Very Strong)

Strength, Stability, and Performance


in total adjusted capital3


dividend payout in 2021 to eligible participating policyowners


Insurance and Annuity Benefits paid in 20233


total invested assets

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Performance Reports

1Ratings are as of 6/1/2024 and apply to Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries, C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company. Ratings are subject to change.

2These are consolidated statutory results of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and its U.S.-domiciled life insurance subsidiaries: C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company.

Insurance products issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) and its subsidiaries, C.M. Life Insurance Company (C. M. Life) and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company (MML Bay State), Springfield, MA 01111-0001. C.M. Life and MML Bay State are non-admitted in New York.

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