40 major businesses oppose state-based legislation targeting trans youth, LGBTQ community

March 11, 2020 - Today, more than 40 major employers – including MassMutual -- released an open letter calling for lawmakers in states across the country to oppose dozens of bills that target LGBTQ people, and transgender children in particular. These business leaders stressed the importance of fairness and opportunity for their customers, their employees, and their employees’ families.

The signers - which include AT&T, Capital One, Dow Inc., Google, Hilton, Microsoft, Salesforce, and others - note: “We are deeply concerned by the bills being introduced in state houses across the country that single out LGBTQ individuals - many specifically targeting transgender youth - for exclusion or differential treatment.”

The business signers highlight both values and economic drivers for their opposition to these policies: “These bills would harm our team members and their families, stripping them of opportunities and making them feel unwelcome and at risk in their own communities. As such, it can be exceedingly difficult for us to recruit the most qualified candidates for jobs in states that pursue such laws, and these measures would place a substantial burden on the families of our employees who already reside in these states. Legislation promoting discrimination directly affects our businesses, whether or not it occurs in the workplace.”

“Business growth and innovation rely on states being open and welcoming to everyone including the LGBTQ community,” said Alphonso David President of the Human Rights Campaign. “Harmful legislation such as the torrent of anti-LGBTQ bills introduced across the country deeply affect businesses’ ability to recruit and provide opportunities to their customers and employees. The letter released today underscores the widespread corporate and public opposition to anti-LGBTQ legislation and clearly warns states that LGBTQ discrimination will harm states’ economic competitiveness. I applaud the signatories of this letter for their dedication to empowering LGBTQ people across the country.”

“America’s business community has consistently taken a strong stand opposing legislation that discriminates against LGBTQ workers and customers,” said Freedom for All Americans CEO and National Campaign Director Kasey Suffredini. “Business leaders understand that discrimination is bad for business, and their economic competitiveness relies on fair and inclusive work and community environments for their employees and their families. When states threaten to pass laws that discriminate, they’re jeopardizing future state economic development and risking driving business away. We’re proud of the business leaders who signed this letter. They know how important it is for them to speak up when their team members and their families are threatened by misguided policies.”