MassMutual Diversity & Inclusion Statement

    MassMutual Diversity & Inclusion Statement

    MassMutual is a life insurance company founded in 1851, and we have always believed the best – and right – way to reach and serve an increasingly diverse market is to actively strive to reflect the market in our customers, workforce, career agency system, suppliers and community partnerships.

    As a mutual company, we operate for the benefit of our members and policyowners. We remain true to our founding principle to help individuals, families and businesses secure their financial futures and protect the ones they love. Our customers will always be changing and evolving. We strive to reflect that in every aspect of our company, which we believe gives us a competitive advantage and will allow us to produce winning results and market-leading value for our policyowners.

    By building a diverse and inclusive culture, where people feel valued for who they are, how they think, and what they bring to the table, we become a stronger and more innovative company.

    Guiding Principles
    The following is a set of principles to inform our actions and practices related to diversity and inclusion. As with everything we do, achieving desired business results is our primary goal. It is not possible to anticipate every 
    scenario; however, leaders and managers serve as champions of diversity and inclusion, and they will consider these guidelines when making the best decisions for the business.

    We demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion in what we do, including: 

    • Serving diverse customers and helping them meet their financial objectives 
    • Taking proactive steps to build a diverse and inclusive team that enables people to unlock their potential 
    • Maximizing the potential of our workforce and national sales force 
    • Ensuring that our workforce and national sales force understand the business case for diversity and the value that a diverse team brings to the business, our customers and our policyowners 
    • Actively seeking diverse suppliers for inclusion in bidding opportunities 
    • Engaging with the diverse communities we serve through partnerships with non-profit organizations