Live Mutual Project

Expanding community connections for a financially healthy future.


The Live Mutual Project is a MassMutual Foundation-led initiative that brings together community resources and partners to create vibrant and empowered neighborhoods.



There is a lot that goes into a person being financially healthy

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Here’s a look at our latest content on income instability, the challenges confronting low-income households, and the role that corporate America can play in helping to elevate the communities left behind.

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It's not OK that 80% of people in this country live paycheck to paycheck.

40% of adults faced with an unexpected expense of $400 would either not be able pay it or would sell something or borrow money to cover the cost.

Nearly 60% of households have to borrow money to meet their basic expenses due to lack of access to jobs, education, and services Americans need and deserve. People are going into debt each month to put food on the table.

More than half of minimum wage workers say that they have to work more than one job to make ends meet.

Poverty is a reality for nearly 40 million Americans, including almost 1 in 5 children.

We believe that one's zip code should not pre-determine their fate

Systems and resources meant to support residents can oftentimes be confusing and overwhelming. Support from family, friends, neighbors, and community organizations can help us navigate our complicated lives.

Connections in the community can open doors to jobs, reveal practical financial advice, and uncover paths to reasonable loans and other resources to help meet our daily obligations and goals.



Our company’s purpose and "Live Mutual spirit" guide all that we do - from how we serve our customers, to the way we help one another, to the role we play in our communities.


To learn about the challenges community members face in achieving their life goals, our national partner, Financial Health Network, identifies barriers to financial health in each community. Information is gathered through local focus groups and interviews with residents and stakeholders, such as civic and nonprofit leaders.


An Action Tank is formed, comprised of local collaborators and residents, to take Financial Health Network’s findings and prioritize what needs to be done to remove barriers. Community resources are then identified and strengthened through connections to networks, expertise, leadership development, and volunteers so they can continue to build their work.


The Action Tank makes the plan a reality, bringing people and resources together to help find things like jobs, housing, loans, and other financial support. With Project for Public Spaces, the Action Tank helps establish, reinvent, or activate physical spaces to connect community members with these resources.

Focus Areas

In order to help community members build a strong foundation for financial well-being today - and for future generations - we focus on three key areas.

Basic Needs

Such as affordable housing, food, and education


Community Connections

Like mentoring, resource coordination, and cultural experiences

Financial Capability

Including financial education, budgeting, saving, and planning


In 2018, we began the Live Mutual Project in the Frayser neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee, and the North End neighborhood of Springfield, Massachusetts.

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Collaboration is at the center of the Live Mutual Project.

No one organization can address the economic challenges facing our country alone. We partner with like-minded organizations committed to advancing financial well-being and helping communities thrive.

Baystate Health

Springfield, MA

With roots dating to 1873, Baystate Health has been providing high-quality and compassionate health care in the Pioneer Valley for more than 140 years. The non-profit, integrated health care system serves over 800,000 people throughout western New England.

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Capital Financial Group

Memphis, TN 

A general agency of MassMutual, Capital Financial Group provides financial counseling to help clients gain peace of mind knowing their financial future - and the futures of their loved ones - are secure.

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Financial Health Network

The Financial Health Network started in 2004 with a vision to help all people have the day-to-day financial systems they need to be resilient and thrive. Since then, the organization has used its groundbreaking research and advisory services to do just that.

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Memphis, TN

Epicenter connects, supports, and expands the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the greater Memphis area by serving entrepreneurs, creators, and organizations committed to helping businesses thrive.

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Frayser Community Development Corporation

Memphis, TN

Frayser CDC works with the community to provide improved housing and stimulate commercial and economic growth. For over 20 years, the CDC has acquired, renovated, rented, and sold houses in Frayser, provided housing counseling services, and encouraged other positive investments and collaborations in the community.

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New North Citizens' Council

Springfield, MA

The New North Citizens’ Council provides advocacy, public and human services to Hampden County, including comprehensive family support and social service programs as well as individual and class advocacy.

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Project for Public Spaces

Since 1975, Project for Public Spaces (PPS) has been the leading resource, organizer, and advocate for building communities around accessible, safe, inclusive public spaces. They’ve positively impacted 3,000 communities in 47 countries.

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RISE Foundation

Memphis, TN 

RISE (Responsibility. Initiative. Solution. Empowerment.) works to transform the financial well-being of low income working people by providing financial literacy tools and incentives to help families build and sustain human and financial assets.

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Way Finders

Springfield, MA 

Way Finders works to make sure all people have safe, secure places to live. By providing access to a range of housing services that help people find ways to live where they choose, regardless of income or background, Way Finders energizes neighborhoods and helps people recognize their potential to thrive.

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