FutureSmartSM Brings Financial Education to Young Leaders

    FutureSmartSM Brings Financial Education to Young Leaders

    You won't find better use for the phrase "knowledge is power" than when you're talking about financial knowledge. After all, the more you know, the better prepared you are to create a strong and financially secure future. Young people who are financially literate grow into adults who are prepared to make smarter choices about money and finances. That's why we have leveraged our expertise to develop a national program called FutureSmartSM to bring critical financial education to middle and high school students. The MassMutual Foundation is committed to addressing this issue by providing live interactive seminars that inspire and empower students with critical money management skills and cutting edge digital curricula delivered in schools across the US.

    Digital Courses

    The success of our FutureSmart Challenges brought us to the realization that we can do more to enhance financial literacy amongst children. FutureSmart Digital is an online education program for middle and high-school students across the US that provides an interactive and fun user experience that highlights the importance of sound financial decisions. Our goal is to impact the financial education of 2 Million students by 2020, having reached more than 200,000 since launching in 2015.

    Arena Events

    FutureSmart Challenge events are arranged in conjunction with select NBA teams where in interactive seminars students learn the importance of savings, career choices, staying in school and going to college, and how each has a profound impact on their future financial success. The program extends a long-time collaboration with Junior Achievement to provide additional financial education in the classroom, and brings MassMutual’s LifeBridgeSM Free Life Insurance program to the cities that the Challenge visits to provide income eligible families with free term life insurance that protects their children’s education, and MassMutual pays the premiums.

    To date, the FutureSmart Challenge has educated more than 30,000 students visiting fourteen major cities.

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