Local Grant Guidelines

    Local Grant Guidelines

    The MassMutual Foundation invites Springfield, Mass. focused nonprofit organizations expanding economic opportunity through economic development and education to apply for a grant.

    Education: The Foundation believes that the path to economic stability starts with universal access to quality education. Educating our students today deeply impacts the trajectory of Springfield tomorrow – our goal is to inspire life-long learners who will contribute to the Springfield community in the future. To that end, we will invest in programs and organizations that build a successful education ecosystem in Springfield constituted by a cadre of high quality, motivated, rewarded and effective teachers; complementary programming to support the whole child’s academic, social, and emotional needs; and strong leadership and partners that transform the system of learning. 

    Economic Development: The Foundation envisions Springfield as a thriving and vibrant destination to live and work. To stimulate an improved quality of life for local residents, attract a talented and diverse workforce, and inspire visitors to experience local culture, we invest in projects, programs and organizations focused on strengthening  the city of Springfield through revitalization, development, and social capital; community placemaking that enriches cultural vitality, provides education and exposure to cultural assets, and reinvents public spaces in Springfield; and stimulating economic growth by promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. 

    Selection Criteria
    The MassMutual Foundation strongly prioritizes funding for organizations that demonstrate excellence in the following areas:

    • Innovation - Differentiation from other organizations in your field. Approaching persistent challenges with new solutions and unique perspectives.

    • Collaboration - Partnering with nonprofits to leverage strengths of partners vs. replicating efforts.

    • Strong Leadership - High caliber leadership and staff.

    • Sustainably Funded - Diversely funded – not overly reliant on one major funding source.

    • Clear Goals - Well-articulated mission and impactful long-term vision. Specific and attainable short-term goals.

    • Data-Driven Problem Solving & Results - Impressive outputs (e.g. # served, # of hours) and strategic outcomes (e.g. knowledge gained, behaviors changed).

    • Root Cause vs. Symptoms - The organization/program is addressing root cause(s) of the challenge.


    How to Apply1
    All community investments are proactively identified and proposals are solicited by invitation only.

    Although the MassMutual Foundation does not fund sponsorships, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) does provide limited sponsorships for select local events hosted by organizations that bolster economic opportunity through education and economic development (as detailed in our Grant Guidelines) in Springfield, Mass.


    How to Apply for a MassMutual Sponsorship
    All sponsorship requests must be submitted through the MassMutual online sponsorship application. Sponsorships are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Funding decisions will be made and communicated to sponsorship applicants within two weeks of receipt of the application.

    Start a new sponsorship application

    Complete an application already in progress or view your application history


    Eligibility Criteria
    Eligible recipient organizations must be certified as tax-exempt entities under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

    Ineligible recipients include:

    • Faith based or religious organizations (direct service programs that serve people of all faiths and backgrounds may be eligible)
    • Individuals
    • Organizations not in compliance with our Nondiscrimination Policy: MassMutual and the MassMutual Foundation do not provide charitable dollars or volunteer support to nonprofit organizations that discriminate on the basis of: age, ancestry, citizenship status, color, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or status as a protected veteran
    • Fraternal Societies 501(c)(8)/(10); political or labor organizations, 501(c)(4)/(5) or (6); and veterans groups that are 501(c)(19)
    • Fundraising events, such as golf tournaments or walkathons

    Please call (413) 744-4973 or email MassMutualFoundation@massmutual.com with inquiries regarding our grant process.

    1 The MassMutual Foundation administers grants at will and reserves the right to amend or cancel the program at any time without any notice.