MassMutual Foundation

    The MassMutual Foundation strives to broaden economic opportunity for America’s youth and their families by investing in economic development, academic achievement & workforce development locally, and financial education across the United States. The Foundation is a reflection of MassMutual’s longstanding dedication to corporate citizenship and its unwavering commitment to the communities in which we do business.

    Foundation Focus

    Locally, we support the expansion of economic opportunity through two specific areas of focus in the communities of Springfield, Mass. and Enfield, Conn.:

    Academic Achievement & Workforce Development: To improve the academic achievement and career preparedness for middle and high school students, we invest in programs that prepare students with 21st century skills to meet local workforce demands.  We believe increased academic rigor and exposure to career education supports long-term job placement and economic stability.

    Economic Development: To improve the economic and social well-being of the city of Springfield, we invest in programs that support Springfield’s budding entrepreneurial sector, advance development projects that stimulate and support economic growth, strengthen community infrastructure through capital investments, and enrich the cultural vitality of Springfield and Enfield by attracting residents and visitors through events that promote culture and the arts.

    Nationally, we focus on financial education. Our investments aim to increase the financial knowledge and capability of over two million middle and high school students by 2020 with our FutureSmartSM program, as well as through local partnerships in the cities where we operate: Boston, Enfield, Memphis, Phoenix and Springfield.  By beginning the conversation with students early, we help them learn the importance of savings, staying in school, going to college, career planning, and how each has a profound impact on their future financial success.

    Signature Investments

    MassMutual Foundation makes key signature investments in addition to its local grantmaking.

    FutureSmartSM is a $20 million commitment that will impact the financial education of more than two million students by 2020. This national middle and high school financial education program challenges young leaders to take steps toward financial wellness for themselves, their families and their communities.

    Interactive events at NBA affiliate arenas around the country reach ten thousand students annually.  The FutureSmartSM digital classroom-based financial education curriculum will enable MassMutual to reach two million students by 2020.

    The MassMutual Foundation is investing $15 million in UMass over 10 years in support of two initiatives:

    • The creation of the MassMutual Foundation/UMass Springfield Center for Training in Cybersecurity will help make the UMass Center in Springfield a destination for education and training in this high demand field. The program addresses a regional talent development need and provides a significant economic development benefit in creating a cybersecurity hub in Springfield.
    • Our support of the UMass Center for Data Science in Amherst aims to make UMass Amherst a destination for data science, a hub for research, education and industrial outreach—creating critical mass in the Pioneer Valley on this topic

    Apply for Funding

    Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) and the MassMutual Foundation offer several opportunities to apply for funding:

    Signature Investments: these large-scale strategic investments are proactively identified and proposals are solicited by invitation only.

    Local Grants: we offer two distinct grant programs, one driven by the MassMutual Foundation and one driven by our employees.

    MassMutual Foundation: Nonprofit organizations in the Springfield, Mass. and Enfield, Conn. communities focused on expanding economic opportunity through education and economic development are invited to apply for a Foundation grant.

    MassMutual's Mutual Impact: This employee-driven community investment program harnesses our collective impact by pooling our time, talent and dollars in support of deserving nonprofits. Employees lead every phase, from cause selection to donations (matched by the MassMutual Foundation) and amplify the impact of our grants with volunteerism. Organizations that align to employee-selected causes are invited to apply for a Mutual Impact grant.

    Please note that, although the MassMutual Foundation does not fund sponsorships, MassMutual does provide limited sponsorships for select local events hosted by organizations that bolster economic opportunity through education and economic development (as detailed in our Grant Guidelines) in Springfield, Mass. and Enfield, Conn. Apply for a Sponsorship.